Tuesday, 28 June 2011

OWLE Bubo camera adaptor for iPhone 4

I thought I'd start this blog with a look at a new toy that arrived this pm. The OWLE Bubo is a camera adaptor for the iPhone - there are 3G/3Gs and 4 varieties. It's basically a big lump of machined aluminium that gives your iPhone far more ergonomic value, improving your chances of getting useable movie footage. That's not all - the package includes a wide angle/macro lens, and a small directional microphone; the previously-mentioned lump has 4 tripod mounts (on each end of the 'fins'), as well as a cold shoe for lighting/sound attachments. A plastic case is included, which pushes into the slot at the rear of the unit. Some third-party cases will also cram into this slot, but NOT iPhone 4 bumpers. I have the white iPhone 4, and there are no issues with the different light sensor on that model. I'll post more Bubo-talk soon; I'll be using it to shoot video for an upcoming work thing coming up. I'm going to get a cable which allows me to add external microphones, too. And a light. Uh oh. Need to exercise some add-on restraint. I bought my Bubo from www.planetvideosystems.co.uk. I don't have any connection with them, before you ask!

The package contents.

Ready to go.

See the iPhone lens and light sensor?

 Works with all your favourite movie/photo apps.

This is the first photo I took with the Bubo lens. 

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